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Merry Christmas!

@lvlwing http:\/\/\/wUw6wlJq

The first rule of Tautology Club is the first rule of Tautology Club.

Gots me an android yo!

Are there Hebros? "You'll never be four popped collar orthodox!"

Is signing with a sandwich in hand equivalent to talking with your mouth full?

Booths at the fair are getting kind of crazy. - I can imagine that exchange actually happening.

@lvlwing: Looks like it's starting to get pretty up there.

Pithos is the bee's pajamas. A hell of lot better than the Pandora Flash player. #linux #ubuntu #pandora - Watch this if you want to lose your damned mind. - Ween: Ocean Man - Fun Track

Back on Linux. Ubuntu 10.10 this time.

I'm really starting to dig on reStructuredText #programming #python

I'm really starting to dig on reStructuredText #programming #python

Behind most "if" statements is a much more concise "match" #ocaml

I'm getting used to Google instant. In fact I might actually prefer it. - Looks neat. - It all makes sense now.

I just realized that the Travel Channel eats what Food Network makes.

Agave nectar is the perfect sweetener for cold tea.

#todayilearned that you can make explosive compounds by peeing the pool -

I think Thunderbird 3.1 w/ Lightning has changed my life.

Like an interpretation of a musical score. reading is a performance of the written word. - Ellen Lupton

#todayilearned that Koreans count their age differently. - Looking to buy. Any promotions going on?

"Knackered" is the perfect expression for my current state of being. It's also fun to say.

@lvlwing Yeah. I guess I'm going to have to get over the fact that there will be no AD the movie. Better off Dead is still "da bomb".

I'm tired of Michael Cera playing George Michael in everything except Arrested Development.

@lvlwing Was the salsa all like "booyah!"?



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